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Porsche and Bike hitch

logo porsche bike 3


    • New on the market!

      PORSCHE AND BIKE (u.s. Patent pending)

      For the installation, just insert the stainless blocs each side with the original 6mm allen screw , then insert the 20mm tread bolt and tight it with a wrench, put the hitch in place and fix the 16mm nylon screw at 50 lb-ft. fir the two 10mm bolts each side at 50 lb-ft torq and just replace the plate of the car. That's it!

  • porsche-hitch-bike-067.jpg

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About us

Porsche & Bike is a North American company specializing in the creation of a new product to transport bicycles on certain models of Porsche. We offer you a quality product, easy to install, in just a few minutes.

Contact Info

Email us at: info@porschehitch.com