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Porsche Bike hitch

Weight: 13.00lb
Dimensions: 20.00in x 10.00in x 5.00in

Price: $399.00


PORSCHE AND BIKE (u.s. Patent pending)

This hitch is specially designed for your Porsche 911 (996 1998-2001), Carrera or Boxster (986 1997-2004).


 No modification on the Porsche is needed! The hitch for Porsche 911 (996) and Porsche Boxster (986) can tow up to 1000lbs or hold two bikes on a rack (not include).

If you would like to use your Porsche 911, Porsche Carrera or Porsche Boxster on holidays to bike or to go racing with your Porsche and your trailer,the hitch can be installed in just a few minutes only!

Install it yourself! You just need to remove de plate and the two black bumper parts each side, then install the two inserts and fix the hitch to your Porsche 911 or your Porsche Boxster.The Porsche & bike hitch for your car can be sold in the U.S. And Canada only. Only the Porsche with the two black bumper parts can be used.

About us

Porsche & Bike is a North American company specializing in the creation of a new product to transport bicycles on certain models of Porsche. We offer you a quality product, easy to install, in just a few minutes.

Contact Info

Email us at: info@porschehitch.com